Daddy’s little girl

slave had to laugh tonight, when Daddy went to bed her little really did come out. slave wanted to stomp her feet and throw a fit, but knew that good girls don’t do that. So once again slave sees her little and her “normal” sides clash. One wants to do the vanilla not gonna talk to you but then her true self screams slave needs to be a good girl:) Ugh the struggles of being a cheeky submissive!! Daddy still loves her though;)


How do you say good bye when you know it’s over?

She can feel it ending, another door is closing. Which does she pick her career or love? How can she decide that? Saying good bye when they both know it’s been done for awhile. Yet she holds on, praying to have both doors, it’s her worst nightmare. The good never lasts forever, it comes and goes. Will this love last forever? this chance won’t stay open forever, it’s closing faster and faster everyday. She sees what he wont say, feels what he says. The lies are too much some days, her heart is already broken. Sometimes you can’t repair what you’ve done. When the trust is gone, how do you go on? The addiction is there, her body and soul are so in need of him. Her personal heroin, his love will kill her.  Don’t you know about her? She is the strong one, smart, always has a smile. You wonder what’s behind her eyes, they question you. You think she has her life together, a good girl. Yet she lies to protect you, if you knew her the way she knows herself you would never live through it. Which one does she give her life to? Either one she is promising the world too. What happened to the little girl? A few more months and her life will change forever…. But how do you say goodbye when’s it’s already over?

I love you

( will be 100% out of “slave talk”)

Today I belong to only one. I can feel his tongue slowly going up my inner thigh and teasing my clit, hands running all over my body. Then sliding down and grabbing my ass, leaving dark red marks and welts.  He was in charge, but under my spell.  One deep look and we were ready. Shower, kitchen, balcony, bed, floor, couch, dryer, you name it and i was on top of it.

Sometimes I can still smell the fresh cigar. Its been too long since I’ve felt him, the dead will never wake. My soldier, oh how I miss him. I miss his passion, his love, damn I even miss his cock. His body was a work of art, so detailed and perfect.  Enough to make you soak yourself in seconds. They say God sometimes needs a new angel, he was my dark angel. Steamy and dirty, so very naughty.  Closing my eyes I can almost reach out to feel him skin hot, heart beating, God he is like a rock. All mine, and only mine. Yet its only memories.

For today I’m going to pretend he is alive, I’m going to pretend when i wake up at night screaming he will be there. I’m going to feel his touch all through-out my body and I’m going to let my mind wander away with him. I can’t stand it, my dark angel is gone. I’m going to scream out I love you, and I don’t care if i cant have him, he is mine right now. So when I wake up tomorrow I will cry and I will scream, but one more night with him is worth that pain, even if that one more night is all in thought.

I should say thank you for all of your services, and I am thankful to the men and women out there who are serving. But tonight my soldier will be with me, even if I have to close me eyes to see him. Rest In Peace my love….

Bad Girl

slave has not been on her best behavior. Daddy has had to punish her more the once within a few weeks. All over stupid small things that slave knows she shouldn’t do. She has just been so tired, not even physically just emotionally. But still slave knows she cannot just disobey all of her rules because she is tired. It’s not an excuse, obeying should be what makes her happy and ok.  She knows that it is time that she gave in and stopped fighting the natural way of things. Daddy is the natural way for slave.  Any ideas?


Way past bed time.. slave knows she will be in trouble, but something is on her mind. It’s hard to explain the human need Or the human nature as many call it. It is the drive that’s quietly pushes the species to survival. This drive has to change with the enviroment.  The chance if survival comes from the basic needs of the individual.  That individual can push for a better enviroment, but doing so changes another’s environment. All in all what slave is saying is she is scared. She doesn’t express emotions well so science and logical thinking help. But something’s you can’t explain with either. Her life is changing so much and so fast, slave worries that she won’t be able to form into her new enviroment. And what that new environment holds. how can you turn fear and past flash backs into a logical equation? You just can’t, it’s the most frustrating thing. For the first time in a very long time, slave cannot justify a reason to say no or to walk away.  So why is fear so heavy right now??? Any thoughts?


life is too short… It is gone just as quickly as it is made. So when his shirt is still what slave cuddles in the times of most pain, why does it give more? just to have him sit next to slave Or to hold her one more time. Too drowned in his love, could fall forever with him. Yet he is gone, just like that. A snap of the fingers so fragile. Then slave is left here hurting and begging for his touch one more time. It’s a fire burning across the land, a terrible cold that no one can warm. His love was perfection in every way. Even fighting was amazing. Always pulled back to him, yet all thats left is a stone. Then there is her. A fiery red head, always in trouble. She could make you melt just be looking at you. Never thought she would go, never thought the angel would be called home.  Not so strong when you think about it, slave is here. Where are they? Tried praying but it’s like no one can hear slave. It’s a lost cause and it hurts.  Both of them slave loved and both were killed… Now slave sits here and types, but not for the reader.  To feel again something more then death. slave knows again what it is to feel alive, to feel like she is falling constantly but to never want it to end.  When you could die that second but wouldnt mind. When your in love it’s amazing. He loves slave because she is fragile, because she is cheeky and not perfect. He loves her so much that she feels it from miles away, on her knees she no longer prays. She looks up into the eyes of the one person who keeps her from simply vanishing. From changing into what everyone wants her to be. He is perfection, imperfect perfection.  He is everything……


Happy Halloween:) this is Daddy’s and slaveves first Halloween together!! slave loves Halloween, it’s so fun and colorful. slave loves watching the kids run around and collect candy. Brings back memories of when she was a child. Hope everyone has a safe and fun day:) Daddy is letting slave skip her classes to go bowling and goof around with friends all day and night.  It should be fun:) but first slave has to go to her first class to be sure she turns in a paper. Ugh every other day it’s another paper😫 But after that no more acting like an adult or being behaved🎃 Have a good day

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